Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Sliktron] X Sneaker Politics Interview

This interview is long over due! If you been keeping up with [Sliktron] you know 50% of the interviews shot, or events sponsored by us have been in collaboration with Sneaker Politics of Lafayette, LA. Get to know the big homie from behind the register, Derek Curry, as he shares about his favorite kicks, music, and whats next for the brand! Personally, D is one of the most down-to-Earth homies I've ever met, always showed tons of love, and I will ALWAYS be a customer.  

Recite your favorite lyric of your fav song. [Of any genre, also name the artist]

Damn, hard question. My life revolves around dope lyrics every day. Let's
run with "Walk it like I talk it like I bought it out of Politics!"

Curren$y- 4 hours n 20 Minutes (feat. Killa Kyleon) Since the homie Killa
gave us the Shout out. I had to hit him back. What's up Killa?

How did you come up with the name of the store? Any specific meaning
behind it?

My homie Deion at Concepts in Boston helped me open the store. He would
always tell me that I will have to go through a lot of Politics to get the
store open. The dude was right! When it came time to name the store that was
the first thing that popped in my head. Sneaker Politics!

 Why did you choose Lafayette La, for the store's 1st location? 

Hurricane Katrina hit NOLA the year I wanted to open the store sooooo
Lafayette just made sense. 

  What sparked the idea of creating your own business, let alone your own

I went to college in Lafayette and worked at Finish Line. While I was
working there I would always wear hard to find kicks and people would pay me
4 times the price I paid for them to get them off of my feet. I started
ordering extra sizes and selling them on the side and making money. That
proved to me that there was a market so I just ran with it. 

Who is apart of your team? 

Lafayette spot- Sam, Dustin, Fletcher, Lee, and DJ
NOLA spot- Patrick, Bryan, Spin, Joe, and Wendell
Then we have the homies. You guys know who you are. 

Whoever supports the
store is on the TEAM!

How did you get connected with Curren$y and Jets? How did you become
one his brands official venders?

I was in NOLA one day and the homie Law told me that Spitta wanted to talk
to me. I hooked up with him that day, and we started throwing out ideas on
how to make cash together. Curren$y had just left Young Money and I had just
opened up my first store. We joined forces and never looked back. Sounds
like a super hero movie right? haha

What artist is getting the most plays in the store right now? 

What artist are you listening to heavily [Personally] [Any Genre]

Curren$y defiantly gets the most love in the store. He's the homie. 

Personally, I have been jamming the Generationals (thanks to sam) and Big

What is your favorite sneaker of all time

Nike Air Max 1's. I just like the way they look on my feet with shorts or
jeans. Perfect shoe to wear in any season.

 Any new locations coming soon?

Baton Rouge in a few weeks! Shhhhhhh.

What new products are you looking forward to arrive? 

Air Jordan Retro 5 - Black/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver (My first Jordan ever!)

Air Jordan Retro 3 - Black / Cement Grey (My favorite Jordan Ever!)

I have also been pumped on all of the Adidas Skate and Vans stuff we have
been getting. Fall 2011 is no different.

What are 3 essentials you can't leave your home without? 

Phone, Hat, and a duffle bag full of money. Haha. Throw keys in the place of
duffle bag. Duffle bag just sounds a lot better.

Shout outs?

Everyone that supports the store! Seriously, I love our customers. 

106 Arnould Blvd.
Lafayette, LA 70506

3504 Severn Ave.
Metairie, LA 70002

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